The POSW staking information for each chain

Chain Shard Consensus Hash Algorithms One Allowance Maximum Stake Diff with Staking (G) Expected Return (vs. ETH)*
Root Chain Shard 0 PoSW Ethash 1M QKC 512M
Chain 0 Shard 0 PoW Ethash 0 0
Chain 1 Shard 0 PoSW Ethash 20000 QKC 5.12M
Chain 2 Shard 0 PoSW Ethash 40000 QKC 10.24M
Chain 3 Shard 0 PoSW Ethash 80000 QKC 20.48M
Chain 4 Shard 0 PoSW Ethash 160000 QKC 40.96M
Chain 5 Shard 0 PoSW Ethash 320000 QKC 81.92M
Chain 6 Shard 0 PoSW Qkchash 40000 QKC 10.24M TBD TBD
Chain 7 Shard 0 PoSW Qkchash 160000 QKC 40.96M TBD TBD

Mining Return Calculator

Computational Results

Total difficulty with staking:0 G
Ethereum return per day:$0
QuarkChain PoSW return per day:$0.000
Required staking QKC number:0 QKC
PoSW mining rewards are ... times than ETH !!!
*: The calculation depends on the users' QKC price, ETH price, and ETH difficulty

Disclaimer: The webpage (the calculator and the table) is only for demonstration purposes. It does not constitute any advice on investment.